4 Ways Journaling Benefits Your Child

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July 27, 2020

Student writing in notebook at desk

By: Renee Cox, B.S. Learning Specialist

Journaling has many benefits and might be something you want to introduce to your child.  You could start with encouraging your child to write about the best part of their day or something they’re looking forward to.  Later they might write about things they have questions about or don’t understand. 

1. One of the benefits of journaling is it gives your child practice in developing their writing skills.  The more that they write and put their thoughts on paper, the easier it will become for them.  Some children may find they actually enjoy writing!

2. A journal can also encourage students to catch mistakes in their writing.  While we don’t expect that a journal will be without spelling or grammatical errors, putting thoughts down on paper allows a child to go back later and see if what they’ve written makes sense.  As they read through what they’ve written, they might spot their own mistakes and make corrections.

3. Journaling allows your child to express their thoughts and feelings instead of keeping everything bottled up inside.  This could possibly reduce stress and anxiety, or it might even help them figure out a solution to a problem they are having.

4. Maybe your child is too young to write.  They can draw pictures and tell you what they’re feeling.  Even some older children might enjoy drawing pictures in a journal instead of always writing something down.  Who knows?  It might uncover some hidden artistic talent in your child!

There’s no better time to encourage your child to start journaling! Check out the sample journal pages below or create your own journal for them to use!

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