5 Reasons Summer Academic Programs Are For You

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April 17, 2018

By: Elizabeth Drewelow, M. Ed.

It’s nearing the end of the school year.  The kids are super excited.  The teachers are relieved. Everybody is ready for summer!  Whether your child is looking forward to long afternoons splashing at the pool, riding their bike, or going on an adventure in the backyard, summer is a time of great opportunity! When considering how to best use your time this summer, consider signing your child up for an academic camp at Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center.  Below are five reasons why our summer camps are the right fit for your child.

1. They’re falling behind in school.

Maybe your child needs to focus on building stronger academic skills over the summer. Academic camps are a fun and non-threatening way of doing so.  Unlike some traditional summer school programs, we aim to balance fun with learning.

2. Your child isn’t behind but needs to maintain his or her skills.

Even if a child is performing at grade level at the end of the year, regression is possible if academic skills are not maintained throughout the summer.  Our camps provide your child with a fun way to keep their skills fresh and current.  Upon their return to school at the end of summer, they will be ready for the new and exciting challenges the next grade has in store.

3. It’s a comfortable environment with peers that are working on similar goals.

Every child who comes to our academic camps has goals to improve his or her learning.  Students know this and are quick to encourage each other along the journey.  We make sure to create an environment in which great relationships can be fostered.

4. It’s the perfect mix of fun and structure.

While academics are the focus at our camps, there is no shortage of fun!  The kids have the opportunity to strengthen their academic skills through games, crafts, and hands-on activities.  The lessons promise to be engaging and the companionship is superb!

5. They REALLY want something to do (don’t let them fool you).

The first few weeks of summer are always a delight, but without the routine and structure of school, the freedom experienced can be somewhat overwhelming for parents and children.  Our academic summer camps provide a fun, yet purposeful outing.  Kids get to learn and play while avoiding summer burnout.

In making your summer plans, we hope you consider the Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center academic camps.  We promise a memorable and engaging experience.  Your kids will be happy and you will be able to relax knowing they’re receiving the academic stimulation they need!

Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center has locations in the Iowa City, IA area and Des Moines, IA area. We provide individual speech-language therapy and tutoring as well as offering small group academic programs.  At Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center our passion is to help kids achieve effective communication skills and gain academic success.  Contact us for more information on how we can help your child succeed.


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