Academic Program Testimonials

We had high hopes for our son’s academic progress when we enrolled him in the eLEAP program last fall.  His growth has exceeded all our expectations, not only academically, but also (and significantly) socially.  Because of the specialized instruction and atmosphere at Enrichment Therapies, he is more engaged with literally every aspect of life, has made friends, and is using his imagination like never before.


Since beginning eLEAP (combined with speech therapy and math tutoring) his communication and schoolwork have improved by leaps and bounds.  We are regularly surprised and impressed with his newfound abilities and curiosity.  The instructors and staff are amazing and a joy to work with – we couldn’t recommend the program enough.


We were at a point that public school could not meet our son’s needs.  LEAP came to Des Moines at the perfect time! The small learning environment gives our son what he needs to be successful.  The caring staff tailor his learning experience through constant  reevaluation.  This has been life changing program for him and our family.


When we heard about LEAP we knew it would be perfect. Public schools and private schools were not an option for us and homeschooling was not working. The small classes, individual attention, curriculum that address every part of the child’s development, and the addition of speech therapy if needed was exactly what we needed.


The professionalism, content, and understanding of how kids think and learn fit exactly what we were looking for. We had tried other options and we didn’t see any changes. The small class size and the individualized approach has helped him make the amazing progress he has made in all subjects. We love telling friends about Enrichment Therapies because we want everyone to have the success that we have seen!


The entire process has been so smooth. The staff, the certified teachers, and the speech pathologists have been amazing. We don’t have to worry about an IEP and trying to get support from the schools. The program is so tailored to exactly what our child needs. The progress we’ve seen is amazing! You don’t get that anywhere else.


When our son would go to school I was on eggshells most of the time. Enrichment Therapies was exactly what we were looking for. The accepting environment, the certified teachers, therapeutic atmosphere, and one-on-one attention was perfect for us. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

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