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February 16, 2017

By Haley Hall, B.A. LEAP Instructor & Learning Specialist

Many parents often wonder how they can help set their child up for future success in math. I always recommend doing activities to help children have a strong sense of numbers and their value.  All of the activities below are easy to prepare and will help your child feel confident with their ability to work with numbers.

A Number Wheel (pictured below) is simply a wheel, or circle cutout, with various quantities of objects grouped around the edge. Children count the objects and match the corresponding number by clipping it on the edge. For example, if the child counted five stars, they would clip the pin with the digit 5 on it. Once they’re finished, the parent can check their work! To download the number wheel below, click here!

Place Value is an important concept for children to understand. To help your child with this concept, prepare cutouts of single-digit numbers. Choose any two numbers and place them together. For example, choose a 4 and a 5. Put them next to each other and ask your child what number is created. Say with them, “forty-five.” Then, flip the numbers around and ask the same question. Say with them, “fifty-four.” Once your child masters 2-digit numbers, move up to 3- or even 4- digit numbers.

Counting Objects helps develop a child’s concept of one-to-one correspondence. Use a muffin tin, some cutout numbers, and small objects to create a counting tray. Children have to count the given number of objects to match their number in the tray. When they’re done, have them count out the objects in each section to check their work.

For more information about early math skills, check out this post and this therapy talk! If your child is working on math facts, be sure to check out this great strategy for mastering them!

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