Dyslexia Evaluation Process

Our Evaluation Process

Our Speech-Language Pathologists conduct evaluations for Dyslexia. Below are the areas in which we assess.

  • Reading Accuracy assesses how accurately a child can identify words with increasing complexity.
  • Reading Rate looks at how quickly the child can read a paragraph at certain levels.
  • Reading Fluency is a combination of reading rate and accuracy.
  • Phonemic Awareness assesses a child’s ability to decipher sounds within words, identify changes in words, rhyming words and use phonetic rules in non-sense words of varying complexity.
  • Reading Comprehension assesses how well the student understands what he/she reads aloud as well as how well he/she understands what is read to him/her.
  • Spelling assesses the students ability to spell words with increasing complexity.  The word lists consist of words that are spelled using a phonetic rule and words that do not follow a typical phonetic rule.
  • Receptive Language assesses a student’s ability to follow directions, process information, understand what is being read to him or her. This portion also assesses a child’s short-term language memory.
  • Expressive Language assesses a student’s ability to communicate his/her thoughts in a effective manner.  It also looks at a child’s ability to formulate sentences of expanding complexity.
  • Core Language is a combination of both receptive and expressive language skills.  Because reading skills are strongly language-based, assessing language skills to identify some underlying foundational skills that may be missing is beneficial.

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