Early Language Enrichment Academic Program (eLEAP)

Our eLEAP program is design as a structured learning center for kids who have difficulties in the area of speech and language development.  We start with a language enriched circle time where skills such as letter identification, number identification, story comprehension, counting and math skills are addressed.  The session also include more structured learning time where specific reading and math strategies can be utilized for each child’s abilities.  We implement visual schedules and visual prompts to help keep the child on task and transition from activity to activity more easily.  The activities are designed to be fun and interactive.  Children will feel like they are playing!


eLEAP Dates: September 5th-May 24th

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 am -10:00 am (North Liberty), 9:00 am – 10:30 am (Urbandale)

Call now to reserve your spot - space is limited!

Skills addressed in a fun and interactive, yet structured model.

  • Letter and corresponding sound identification
  • Basic reading skills
  • Number identification and understanding what each number represents
  • Basic addition concepts
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Following directions
  • Prep and practice with attention to tasks
  • Improving interactions and communication with peers
  • Social and emotional regulation
  • Writing skills
  • Brain breaks are used to release energy and help children to focus.

Research-Proven Strategies

  • Talkies-Preschool version of Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • Seeing Starts- Reading decoding program.
  • Handwriting Without Tears-  Handwriting program
  • 5 Point Scale-Behavior and emotional regulation
  • PROMPT- Multi-sensory approach for articulation

Contact us now to reserve your spot - space is limited!

Call Now in North Liberty/Iowa City: +1 (319) 626-2553

Call Now in Urbandale/Des Moines: +1 (515) 419-4270

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