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June 7, 2022

Getting Started with Our Approach

Here at Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center, we offer individualized instruction to help children succeed with academics and communication skills. That is why, in welcoming new clients, we follow a process that helps our team best serve your child.

First Steps & What to Expect

Families can call our offices during business hours or set up a phone call to talk with our team about their child to get started. During this initial phone call, parents will be given the option to schedule an evaluation with one of our learning specialists or speech-language pathologists. An email will be sent confirming the evaluation, and you’ll receive a link to fill out some paperwork regarding your child’s speech and language or academic history. We appreciate families filling out the paperwork before the evaluation appointment so that our specialists can determine the appropriate standardized tests to administer.

What is the Evaluation Appointment Like?

On the day of the evaluation, you can expect to check-in at the front desk upon arrival. One of our friendly intake coordinators will confirm that your paperwork has been received and will let the specialist know that you’ve arrived. You may have a few minutes to relax in the waiting room, check out the kids’ nook, or make a cup of coffee.

A corner of the Des Moines office featuring a fidget activity board and some children's books.

Your specialist will come to the waiting room to greet you and then will offer for you to accompany your child to the room where the evaluation will be completed. Once your child is settled with the specialist, parents are welcome to wait in the waiting room. Children often work best one-on-one with the specialist. If you prefer to observe the session, you can discuss that with the specialist.

Why is an Evaluation Necessary to Start? 

Our assessment process is fundamental to determining the appropriate recommendations for a child. We are able to get to know the child’s strengths and areas of weakness. The standardized, in-depth evaluation and the clinical assessment completed by our experienced specialists provide a complete understanding of each child’s needs. We have a variety of standardized strategies to implement in the evaluation that can be administered based on the areas of concern.

After the evaluation is completed, the specialist will invite the parent to come back to their room to discuss how the experience went. Often the specialist can give a general idea of concerns that they noticed during testing, but scores will not be available at that time. The specialist will set up a Zoom meeting or phone call about 1-2 weeks after the evaluation to discuss the results and share their recommendation. 

Before the evaluation meeting, the specialist will score and interpret the standardized assessments and informal measures that were administered to the child. A report will be written sharing the child’s scores and the specialist’s recommendations. The specialist will also write a treatment plan outlining the goals that would be targeted during individual sessions.

Parents will discuss the evaluation results and review the report with the specialist during the evaluation meeting. This is a great time to ask questions, discuss recommendations, and set up a recurring schedule for individual sessions. Sessions are scheduled based on each child’s unique needs. Students typically get started with sessions the following week!

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