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May 7, 2017

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Is it difficult for your child to listen to directions? Does he or she seem to lose focus after hearing just the first instruction?

At Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center (ETLC) following directions & receptive language skills are often targeted in a fun and meaningful way. Practice having your child follow multi-step directions using everyday items around the house.  Make sure your child waits to hear ALL parts of the directions before he/she begins to complete them!  You can use the following examples, make up your own, or even have your child help you with tasks around the house that require multiple steps (assembling ingredients for a recipe, loading the washer or folding laundry, putting toys away in a certain order, etc.) 

Game # 1: Simon Says!

Here are some examples of 3-, 4-, and 5-step directions that will work perfectly with Simon Says:


  • Stand up, clap your hands, and turn in a circle.
  • Touch your head, put the ball in the bucket, and take a bite of a cookie.
  • Do 1 jumping jack, sit down, and close your eyes.


  • Tap your knees, touch your nose, clap your hands, and take a drink of water.
  • Say your name, turn in a circle, bounce the ball once, and sit down.


  • Put the pillow on the bed, turn in a circle, hop on one foot, lay down on the bed, and clap your hands.
  • Touch your toes, roll the ball to me, take a bite of cookie, touch your head, and sit down.

Game # 2: Can you draw that?!

Give your child either a blank piece of paper or a paper with a design already on it. Come up with a few simple directions.

  • Draw a blue circle in the middle of the page
  • Make a stick figure above the circle
  • Color the dog’s face PINK

This game also targets skills such as Colors, Shapes, Basic Concepts, etc. For more ideas about how to make following directions fun, check out Tessa’s blog!

Learn More Fun Games At Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center

Following directions is an important skill for your child to learn, and it can also be a fun skill to learn! When you need more inspiration and tips for games that make learning fun, reach out to our team of professionals at ETLC.

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