Fourth of July Fun!

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June 27, 2017

By Tessa Lancaster, M.A., CCC-SLP

t’s hard to believe that the Fourth of July is just around the corner! If you are like me, you probably look forward to certain holiday traditions around this time of year, like outdoor games, delicious summer foods, and red-white-and-blue everything! The Fourth of July is a great holiday for enjoying quality time with family. It’s also (usually!) a wonderful day to spend outdoors in the summer sun! This year, you might be looking for some ways to incorporate language-based activities into your family’s Fourth of July festivities. Check out these fun language-based activities for some ways to address concepts like colors, letters, and counting with your little one during your holiday celebrations.

Color-Based Activities

Red, White, and Blue Tie-Dye: Make your own tie-dyed gear, using red, white, and blue dye! While dying your items and while wearing your items, discuss the colors with your little one. Name the colors as often as possible while showing each color to your child. After the tie-dying is complete, ask your child which colors he/she can find in the tie-dye pattern! Red, White, and Blue Play-Dough: Make your own playdough using red, white, and blue food coloring! If you need some playdough recipe ideas, check out our previous post on play dough. While you make the dough and while you and your child play with the dough, name the colors often! Red, White, and Blue Water Balloons: What is more fun on a hot summer day than a family water balloon fight?! As you prepare your balloons, your child can tell you which balloon he/she wants you to fill. As you throw balloons, ask your child which color(s) he/she would like to throw! Red, White, and Blue Snacks: As you prepare and/or munch on some fun Fourth of July foods, discuss the colors of the snacks with your child. Some great red, white, and blue snacks are: – Bomb Pops popsicles – fruit pizza with strawberries and blueberries – red, white, and blue layered jello – red, white, and blue Rice Krispie treats – apples or strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles

Letter Play

Sidewalk Chalk: As you spend time outside, don’t forget to incorporate some written words into your sidewalk chalk creations! If your child is struggling to name letters, a fun and motivating initial activity is writing his/her name. Finger Paint: Are you planning to be outside? Take advantage of the opportunity to get messy! Make a Fourth of July finger painting incorporating letter practice. Shaving Cream: If you do plan to spend some time outside, don’t hesitate to get creative with your letter play! Spray some shaving cream onto a pan or plate and practice writing letters with your child. Check out this previous blog post for more info.

Counting Fun

How Many Stars, How Many Stripes?: You are bound to see many versions of the stars and stripes over the Fourth of July! Whether you see them on a flag, another type of decoration, a food, or a toy, use the opportunity to work on counting! See if your child can help count the number of stars or stripes you see! How Many Watermelon Seeds?: Watermelon is a favorite summer snack, and is almost always found on the table around the Fourth of July. If you are munching on some watermelon this holiday, help your child pull out the seeds he/she finds. After you have a small pile of seeds built up, see if your child can help you count them! You might even create a competition, and challenge your child to find more seeds than you find!


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