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January 4, 2017

Everyone knows that it is not ideal to let our children sit in front of a screen for hours at a time. However, sometimes parents need a break! Thankfully, the creators of all things technology-related have developed many apps that are fun for kids but also are educational. Here are a few of my favorites for language skills:

These apps are all produced by Super Duper Publications and can be downloaded for free on Apple or Android devices. I have linked them to the iTunes store.

HearBuilder Following DirectionsThis app is recommended for kids aged 4-9 years old.  In this app, students get to pretend they are working in a toy factory while following different kinds of directions.  This app helps with listening skills, memory skills, and understanding of basic concepts. (Check out Tessa’s blog about fun ways to follow directions without using technology!)

HearBuilder Phonological AwarenessThis app targets tons of pre-reading skills for kids aged 4-11.  Students create a rock band by collecting instruments and band members while they work on skills such as rhyming and segmenting.

HearBuilder Auditory MemoryThis one tends to be the favorite of many of my students.  It is recommended for ages 5-14.  The app targets short-term memory skills and also provides helpful strategies for remembering information for each task.  Increasing auditory memory helps students to comprehend and follow directions in the classroom and at home.

HearBuilder SequencingThis app has sequencing tasks for kids aged 4-12 with arcade games to play as a reward.  It targets comprehension skills and critical thinking.

So the next time your child (or you) needs a break, set them up with one of these apps, and call it a win!  Here is a link to my Therapy Talk about these apps.

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