Halloween Speech and Language Practice

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October 21, 2021

three children in costumes trick-or-treating

By: Mallory Carr, M.A., CCC-SLP

Halloween is such a fun time of the year for kids (and adults!). There are so many things to look at, and lots to talk about! Here are a few ideas to sneak speech and language practice into Trick-or-Treating or your other Halloween traditions. 

Speech Practice

  • Pick a motivating (and potentially spooky!) word with your child’s target sound in it. After they get their candy from a house, they say their word for how many pieces of candy they got (e.g., 2 pieces of candy = say their word 2 times)
  • Prepare a spooky joke for your child to tell people that contains their target sound. Depending on your child’s motivation and success with the sound, you can focus on just one word or all the target sounds in the joke. There are so many hilarious kid-friendly jokes just a google search away.

Language Practice

  • Describe interesting costumes that you see
    • Talk about what group they’re in (scary/not scary, animal, occupation, game character, etc.)
    • Talk about the colors of their costume
    • Talk about the fun details you see 
  • Describe outdoor decorations you see 
    • Use location words — “See the witch on top of the roof?” Or “See the skeleton behind the tree?”)
  • Describe the candy they get 
    • Talk about size, shape, flavor
    • You can play a game where they pick out a piece of candy they want to eat, but they have to describe the candy to you (without saying the name!) so you know which one they want.

Want to make sure your child is on track for their speech and language development? We offer free screenings! Give us a call to learn more! Interested in more Halloween learning activities? Click here!  

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