Help Your Preschooler Become A Successful Reader

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December 12, 2016

Does your child have the pre-literacy skills needed to become a successful reader? One of the most basic skills a child needs to become a confident reader is knowledge of the alphabet. Most parents would not hesitate to say that their child knows their ABC’s. However, do they know the name of each letter? Uppercase and lowercase? And most importantly, do they know the sound each letter makes?

Many children enter kindergarten without this basic skill, which puts them at a disadvantage as they learn to read. Letter-sound knowledge is necessary for a child to accurately sound out words while reading. For example, if they don’t know that “B” says buh how will they know how to sound out the word “bat”? Frequently, parents stop teaching the alphabet once their child knows the ABC song and can recognize the letter names. However, it is just as, if not more, important that children learn what sound each letter makes. Help your child become a successful reader by not overlooking this key skill! Fun applications for teaching letter-sound knowledge:

  • Phonics Munch Letterstone Park– this application breaks down the very first stage of the reading process. The fun exercises within the app touch on multiple pre-literacy skills. Find fun ABC songs and ABC flashcards to help work on letter-sound knowledge. This app is aligned with the Common Core standards.
  • ABC Ninja– this application is super improving a child’s speed and accuracy of letter recognition. The app tells parents exactly which letters the child got correct and which were missed so you know which letters need extra review.

Fun games/activities for teaching letter-sound knowledge in therapy:

  • Leapfrog Fridge Phonics– this device has 26 interactive alphabet tiles which play fun learning songs that teach the alphabet. 
  • Melissa & Doug Jumbo Express Jigsaw Puzzle– help your child put a fun train puzzle together. Each car on the train has a different alphabet letter. Have them say the letter and sound it makes before they earn the next piece!

Have fun!

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