Holiday Gift Guide: Educational Games

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December 12, 2016

By Haley Hall, B.A. Learning Specialist & LEAP Instructor

Stumped on what to give your child for Christmas this year? Looking to buy a gift for a family, but not sure what to get? Here is a list of 8 educational games that would make great holiday gifts. This list was created with children who struggle in school in mind, but it’s useful for any child.

  1. Sequence Numbers: This game is great for children working on addition and subtraction. One- and two- digit equations are written on the cards. The answers are on the board. The first person to get a sequence wins!
  2. Mastermind: Using logic and reasoning, students create and break codes in this fun game.
  3. Hedbanz: This game requires you to guess what image is displayed on a card that everyone can see except you. While asking yes or no questions you must figure out what your image is. All kids (and adults!) love it!
  4. Blurt: To practice auditory comprehension and vocabulary, sit down and enjoy a fun round of Blurt. In this game, you listen to a description and you have to determine (or blurt out) what the word is. For example, after hearing “a partially dried grape,” you would blurt, “raisin!”
  5. Sum Swamp: For children just beginning to practice addition and subtraction, Sum Swamp is sure to help boost their confidence. This is one of my favorite games for learning early math skills. See my therapy talk here that goes into more depth on the benefits of this game!
  6. Guess Who: This is a classic that I remember playing when I was little. Children listen to clues to figure out which person their opponent has chosen. This game is always a hit when we play it in the classroom.
  7. Brainbox: Math: This cube filled with math activities is great for children to play on their own or as a group. They choose a card and study the front for 10 seconds (or you can eliminate the time limit). Then they turn it over and see how many questions on the back they can answer correctly! I often use this as a math warm-up in my classroom and I love the variety of topics it has.
  8. Apples to Apples Junior: This game of crazy combinations is great for children who need to practice expanding their vocabulary and thinking skills. Cards are compared and the winner is chosen according to whichever card best represents the given characteristic.

All of these games can be found on I hope this list is useful to you and that you are able to gift some amazing games this holiday season.

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