How does exercise influence learning?

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April 1, 2013

Research shows that regular physical activity benefits the brain!

Remember when people believed that recess sends students back to class rowdier and less attentive? According to new research, this is a myth. Students return to class more ready to learn than those who stay in the classroom for hours without recess. So how does recess make students more attentive and better behaved? When students are out at recess they are usually running around, playing sports, or climbing on the play structure. These types of exercises pump more blood throughout the body. More blood means more oxygen, and, in turn, better-nourished brain tissue. Not only does exercise benefit the brain it also improves attention, memory, and learning, and can reduce the effects of ADHD. Too good to be true? Think again! In 2007, a professor named Charles Hillman conducted a study in Illinois with third and fifth graders. Each student was put through standard exercises such as push-ups and running. After measuring their body mass, Hillman compared it with students’ math and reading scores. He found that the more physical tests the students passed, the better they scored in reading and math. These findings held true regardless of gender and socioeconomic differences. What better reason than improved school performance to get your child outside for 20 minutes a day? Especially now that the weather is warming up a bit, take your child outside and kick around the soccer ball or jump rope for a few minutes. Every bit of exercise helps your child’s brain function and school performance. Get moving! Reference: Richardson, Vanessa. “A Fit Body Means a Fit Mind.” Edutopia. N.p., 27 May 2009. Web. 26 Mar. 2013.

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