Improving Conversation Skills

Enrichment Therapies

March 30, 2017

Jaimi Bird, M.A., CCC-SLP

Does your child have difficulty talking to new people?  Does he or she get frustrated or embarrassed?   Help your child gain confidence in social situations by using these helpful strategies when talking to others.

1. Use positive body language:  Stand up straight, turn your shoulders toward the person you are talking to.  Show confidence!

2. Look at the person you are talking to.

3. Start the conversation.

Often times a conversation is started with a question.

“Hi, how are you?”

“What’s up?”

“What have you been up to?”

Or, a conversation can be started by introducing yourself.

“Hi, my name is ___.”

4.   Speak slowly.

5.  Speak clearly. Think about making your speech “crisp and clear”.  Take a breath and pause between each thing you say.

6. Listen to what the person you are talking with says to you.

7. Respond.  Say something back that has to do with the conversation topic.

8. End the conversation.  When you are done talking, say something that closes the conversation.

Try some of these strategies with your kids at home!  Or if you feel that your child needs more help, contact us at ETLC. We would love to help.


Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center has locations in the Iowa City, IA area and Des Moines, IA area. We provide individual speech-language therapy and tutoring as well as offering small group academic programs.  At Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center our passion is to help kids achieve effective communication skills and gain academic success.  Contact us for more information on how we can help your child succeed.

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