Increasing Receptive Vocabulary: Teaching Color Names

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December 13, 2016

I love helping little ones to understand new words! One concept we often address at an early age is color. For some kiddos, associating each color with it’s name is tricky. Sometimes we need to use extra cues to help our kids make that connection. A great way to teach colors is to label colors of favorite objects. For example, perhaps your child is familiar with food names and can label many foods. In this situation, you might teach colors by helping your little one associate each color with a favorite food. You might say, “Look! This broccoli is green! Yum! Green broccoli.” After teaching colors using familiar objects, describe other objects, connecting them back to that familiar item. For example, “This ball is green like broccoli. Look! Green ball.” To get started, brainstorm some familiar items you can associate with colors. You might use food items (“red like an apple”), fictional characters (“blue like Thomas the Train”), or outdoor objects (“yellow like the sun”), just to name a few! Label the colors of these favorite items often. Then, use these familiar labels to describe colors in other contexts. If you need some help finding a toy that includes objects of different colors, check out this Color Ring Sorting Board, these Color Bean Bags, or this Color and Shape Puzzle (all can be found on Amazon’s website). Also, take a look at some activities we use at ETLC, in order to teach colors. Kids can build a colorful tree or fill up a gumball machine while reviewing color names at the same time!

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