Intermediate Language Enrichment Academic Program (i-LEAP)

2570 106th Street, Suite E, Urbandale IA
Monday through Thursday 12:30-3:30
August 16th-May 24th

Now accepting enrollment for 2017!

Our program stands out above other academic resources because we teach very specific strategies to each child’s needs.  We spend a considerable amount of time helping the student to acquire rapid recall of vowel phonemes (sounds) and vowel-teams because this is one of the biggest obstacles for children who have difficulties reading.  When a child is able to sound out nonsense words well, he/she has mastered that phonetic rule and can better generalize it to new words on his/her own.
Once accuracy of reading words are apparent, we concentrate on improving the rate and fluency of reading.  Taking a holistic approach in addressing reading skills in a small classroom setting, we are able to take an individualized approach to maximize success.  Research-proven programs that we utilize are; Visualizing and Verbalizing (reading comprehension), Seeing Stars  (reading decoding), Barton (reading decoding) and many more.

Reading Skills Addressed

  • Learning phonics through nonsense words
  • Improving reading accuracy in real words
  • improving spelling accuracy with a visualizing technique
  • Teach strategies to decrease word guessing habits
  • Decreasing letter reversals (e.g. mixing up b/d/p)
  • Improving reading fluency and speed
  • Improving understanding of what is being read through the visualizing techniques


Research proven strategies for our math program can not be found anywhere in the area and it works!! We coach students on important visualizing strategies to help them to retain information and memorize math facts easily.   We don’t want students to have to count on their fingers long-term.  Instead we want them to be able to recall the answer quickly and easily.  They can’t rely on counting on their fingers forever, why not learn it right now?
We also help them to improve their higher-order-thinking skills to solve math word-problems with ease. We help them to draw a mental image of what information we know and what information do we need to know, then problem solve how to get the information that was missing.  We are confident that your child will start to enjoy math and have boosted confidence with our fun, interactive strategies.

Math Skills Addressed

  • Memorizing fact families and recall them quickly
  • Understanding of the numbers and what it represents
  • Understanding math concepts like addition
  • Improving math language skills related to math-vocabulary
  • Improve problem solving skills related to math
  • Fun, real-world applications to math skills

Social Skills applied to a real and functional situation

  • Improving team-work and collaboration abilities through cooking activities and science experiments.
  • Increasing comfort level with interacting and initiating dialog with peers.
  • Improve ability to identify other’s body language and interpret feelings.
  • Increase ability to identify their own feelings of situations and incorporating skills to manage those feelings appropriately.
  • Improve problem solving abilities when upset with others.
  • Role-playing with peers to practice target social skills and situation.

Social Studies and Science

Social Studies and Science will be rotated upon completions of units. Reading, comprehension, math and social skills will be generalized to this curriculum. The students enjoy the interactive lessons!


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