Language Comprehension Tutoring

The Language-Comprehension Enrichment Program provides the following benefits:

  • Improved ability to retain information
  • Increased visualizing skills by learning a step-by-step process of how to draw mental images in the child’s head of what is being said to him or what he is reading (essential skill for understanding and retaining information)
  • Increased ability to follow directions that are multi-step and more complex
  • Developed ability to communicate one’s thoughts in an organized manner
  • Maximized receptive and expressive vocabulary repertoire
  • Improved brain flexibility (moving from one type of task to another quickly)
  • Increased brain processing speed
  • Fostered ability to answer Higher Order Thinking and inference questions accurately
  • Developed ability to distinguish main idea from details and how those details are related to the main idea
  • Improved grammar skills
  • Maximized ability to retell stories in a sequential order
  • Improved written expression skills
  • Positive learning environment that is focused on improving a child’s self-confidence
  • Proven program for children with ADD/ADHD
  • Sessions held in private rooms to eliminate distractions (especially vital for children with attention difficulties)

Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center | Language Comprehension Program


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