Language Enrichment Academic Program (LEAP)

Worried your child will fall behind? LEAP is here to help.

LEAP is an academic program for students who struggle in school. Our mission is to be a bridge for students to achieve academic success in the shortest amount of time possible. We offer a full day program with very strategic approaches to children who have difficulty with reading, math and writing. Our strategies are ideal for students who also have difficulty attending to tasks.

Some students only need a partial year to be able to perform at or above their peers. Imagine that, your child no longer struggling in school, no more nights of experiencing frustration with homework. Most of all, your child will feel confident in his abilities and have a greater love for learning.

Make a difference in your child's life!

About LEAP (Language Enrichment Academic Program):

Where are you located?

In the Iowa City area: 1210 Jordan Street, Suite 2A North Liberty, IA.
In the Des Moines area: 2570 106th Street, Suite E, Urbandale, IA.

When does the program run?

The LEAP Program runs August 26th, 2017- May 24th, 2018. Our program is a full day program with half day options available.

How are you different than other tutoring services?

Traditional tutors might be part-time students or professionals trained in cookie-cutter approaches. Your student deserves better. LEAP is always staffed by Learning Specialists, who are degree-holding teachers passionate about child education. We take an individualized approach with each student, and tailor the curriculum for your child’s learning style. To start, our learning specialists conduct a full evaluation to look for learning strengths and weaknesses. We then set goals and benchmarks to keep track of their progress. Beyond simply helping review class material, our learning specialists can teach your child foundational learning skills, such as problem solving, memory skills, flexible thinking, image visualizing and more.  Our mission is to help improve your child’s confidence, learning experience, and academic grades. For background on the difference between learning specialists and tutors, learn more here.

Which subjects and skills will LEAP cover?


Our reading program utilizes the most current evidence-based practices to improve your child’s reading accuracy, decoding, rate, spelling and comprehension. In addition, the reading program also targets higher-order thinking skills, such as inferencing, organization, prediction, summarizing and imagery.


Our math program targets improving your child’s memory skills and retention of information through visualizing techniques. We pride ourselves knowing that the techniques we use are functional for everyday use. In math, we teach students foundational skills, including math facts, comprehending and solving word problems, and grade-appropriate concepts of time, size, quantity, money and fractions.

Social Skills

Unique to the LEAP program, a social skills curriculum is addressed. Our students learn to navigate our dynamic “social world.” Concepts taught provide children with a foundation to initiate and maintain successful, positive peer relations. This is accomplished by direct instruction of body language, voice inflections, self regulation, solving social problems, initiating conversation and topic maintenance.

Social Studies/Science

Social Studies and Science teach children through lessons that are interactive and incorporate group projects and experiments. Subjects are rotated monthly. Reading comprehension, social skills and other core concepts will continue to be targeted.

Writing Skills

Our writing program focuses on improving both the expressive and motor components associated with writing. Students improve their sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary while also addressing fine motor skills and letter formulation.

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When we heard about LEAP we knew it would be perfect. Public schools and private schools were not an option for us and homeschooling was not working. The small classes, individual attention, curriculum that address every part of the child’s development, and the addition of speech therapy if needed was exactly what we needed.

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