Letter Names and Sounds: Even More Teaching Ideas

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March 21, 2017

We have posted about the importance of teaching letter names and letter-sound association to your young one. We’ve also posted about some fun pre-literacy game ideas! (Check those posts out here and here).

Because this is such an important skill, you might consider using these additional resources to help teach your child!

This YouTube channel features fun, animated robot-like creatures. There is a video for each letter in the alphabet! Letter videos introduce letter names and words that begin with the given letter. Kids love these Story Bot videos!

This is another YouTube channel that includes a short video for each letter of the alphabet. For each letter song, a goofy singer presents the upper and lower cases of a given letter, as well as the letter sound, and words that begin with the given letter.

Check out these videos with your child! Focus on a single letter, and attempt to teach that letter/sound in a variety of ways (e.g., YouTube video, iPad app, alphabet puzzle). If you can teach one letter and sound in multiple ways, it provides more learning opportunities for your child, and the chance to generalize knowledge from one context to another.


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