Math Tutoring

Is your child struggling with math? If so, you might be a great candidate for our math tutoring. If you are unable to attend sessions in person, don’t worry! Our math tutor is able to accommodate and teach math tutoring online.

This program engages students and focuses on improving mental imagery of numbers and math concepts. Our learning specialist will work with your child on improving concept-understanding for students with dyscalculia and other math delays. Depending on your child’s current math level, understanding in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will be addressed in functional manners. Additional concepts taught may include fractions, time, money, measurement, geometry and algebra. By developing several effective problem solving techniques, your child will be supported in solving conversions and word problems. This will aid in strengthening your child’s logical thinking skills and retention of skills mastered.

Oftentimes, having a new perspective to learn a concept is beneficial. Our learning specialist is able to work one-on-one with your child to make math a fun, functional and positive experience. Your child will learn math through mental imagery, and the use of manipulatives, visual supports and verbal prompting and explanation.

Sessions are constructed to meet each student’s individual learning needs. The learning specialist keeps families updated regarding growth and progress in academic and goal areas.

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