Five Free & Fun Online Speech and Language Activities


June 10, 2020

By Kelsey Coaldrake, M.A. CCC-SLP


Head to for interactive games that are great for expanding language or following directions. You can make pizzas and cakes, build houses or faces and so much more. Have your child describe what they are doing or request for different parts when making or building. You can also have your child follow directions to make the ice cream cone, cupcake, and so on of your choosing.


Head to if you are looking for some games for your little ones. There is so much to talk about and explore on this site to learn new vocabulary. Check out the animal games to listen to animals make different noises. Or my personal favorite is a game called RELEASE where you have to match shapes to a cage to unlock the animals. Have your child request “out” or “get out” or “help me” as early power phrases.


Head to if you are looking for tons of educational activities in general. For speech and language, I like the GAMES section where there are many hidden pictures that are great for working on irregular past tense verbs (“I found it”) or articles (“I found the pizza”) or describing prepositions (“I found it under the dog”). The options are endless on this site.


Head to for memory games for speech sounds. Simply search the speech sound your child is working on in the search bar, such as “sh” or “th” or “s” and several matching decks that have already been created pop up. You can enjoy a fun game of matching while working on speech by having your child say the word 5 times when they flip over a card or even have them put it in a sentence. There’s an option to create your own decks as well if you are really feeling creative.


Head to for free online “madlibs” where you choose random words depending on the part of speech and then they generate a story using those words. This activity is a great one for laughs. You can work on parts of speech (noun, verb, adverb, etc), story retell, or speech sounds in reading. There are so many stories to choose from, there’s definitely something for everyone.

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