Speech and Language Development Through Play: Bubbles!

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June 5, 2017

By: Megan Van Laar, M.A., CCC-SLP

Who doesn’t love bubbles??  They are a great activity for inside or outside and are tons of fun!  Today, I will talk about how to use bubbles to encourage speech and language development.  If you missed my previous posts about speech and language development through play, check them out here: puzzles, blocks, ball games.


For younger children, it is very natural to work on the /p, b, m/ sounds while blowing bubbles.  Practicing the words ‘pop’, ‘bubble’, ‘more’, ‘blow’, ‘up’, ‘please’ will provide many opportunities for practicing these early developing sounds.  When practicing other speech sounds, the child might be asked to state 3-5 words or sentences that contain his target sound before more bubbles can be blown.  In addition, the ability to blow bubbles requires good lip rounding- the skill of rounding and retracting the lips is necessary for good articulation of many different sounds.  You can encourage lip rounding when the child is blowing bubbles by gently pushing their cheeks together or reminding them to make a “kissy face”.


For the little ones, the skills of turn-taking and eye contact are necessary precursors to being able to have a conversation and can be easily worked on while playing with bubbles.  You and your child can take turns popping or blowing bubbles.  When it is your turn, encourage your child to look at you (“show me your eyes!”) before you blow more bubbles.  This is also a great way to encourage requesting and labeling.  Your child can say or sign many words or phrases during this activity (e.g., “more”, “bubbles”, “please”, “my turn”, “I want more”, “more bubbles please”, “I need help please”, “blow the bubbles to me”, etc.).  Children can also follow directions while blowing bubbles such as, “pop the little bubbles”, “stomp the bubbles”, “pop the bubbles with your nose”, “blow the bubbles up high”, “give the bubbles to me”, etc.

More Inspiration:

To add to the fun, put food coloring in your bubble solution! (Note: this is messy, so do this outside with paint clothes on).  You can also get creative and use different types of bubble “wands” such as a stretched-out wire hanger, plastic six-pack holders for soda cans, colanders, your hands (make a diamond with your pointer fingers and thumbs), or anything else you can find that has holes.  This provides even more opportunities for vocabulary growth, requesting, labeling, following directions, and articulation practice.  Be creative and have fun!

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