Executive Functioning


A person’s executive function refers to the management system of the brain. They are the skills in our brains that help us learn, work, and manage our daily life.  Executive function skills are responsible for planning, organizing, starting, and following through with all tasks.  

While we may not expect children to complete adult-level skills of organizing and planning, throughout childhood there are important markers of the development of that area of the brain. If you’ve received a diagnosis or have a suspicion of something resembling disorders like ADHD or an inability to stay focused, our speech-language pathologists may be able to help. Contact our offices for an initial screening to determine the next best steps for your child.

What Can An Executive Functioning Disorder Look Like?

Problems with executive function can present differently for each person. Common symptoms associated with an executive functioning disorder:



Difficulty starting, prioritizing, or completing tasks


Difficulty with focusing, maintaining attention, or shifting attention


Difficulty organizing their thoughts


Difficulty with time management


Difficulty with working memory

Some children may have challenges with organization in school, remembering instructions, or being able to complete independent work. Following a schedule, prioritizing and time management may be hard too. Kids may have difficulty with impulse control, and managing their emotions if they are struggling with executive functioning.

Learning Specialist supports student

How Can ETLC Help?

Our executive function therapy will improve your child’s ability to self-regulate their day.  We will create goals to improve attention, cognitive flexibility, time sense, organization, working memory, and understanding and managing emotions.

How Do I Get Started?

1. Schedule a consultation

2. Receive an individualized plan

3. Watch your child thrive

Why Choose ETLC?

At Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center, we believe every child deserves to thrive with their communication and academic skills, and we know you want that too. Our specialists are trained in many research-based programs and strategies to create a plan specific to your child and their unique learning style. Together, we can help your child feel confident and successful!