Selective Mutism


Selective mutism is an anxiety-based disorder that results in an inability to speak in some environments, despite successfully speaking in other environments. It is not “just shyness,” “just being stubborn,” or an expressive language disorder.

What Can Selective Mutism Look Like?

Children with selective mutism are able to communicate proficiently in some places but not in others. Typically, they communicate best at home. Children with selective mutism also may speak easily to specific people and not others, regardless of the setting. Alternatively, your child may be comfortable speaking to a specific person in one setting but be unable to speak to that person in another.

speech language pathologist supports students with selective mutism

How Can ETLC Help?

ETLC can help you determine if a selective mutism diagnosis makes sense for your child. Diagnosing selective mutism can be difficult and often requires interviews with the parents and questionnaires from teachers and other adults who interact with the child regularly. We first complete an evaluation to rule out other conditions, such as a social-pragmatic disorder or a language disorder.

During treatment, trained speech-language pathologists create a tailored program to help your child decrease anxiety surrounding speaking. We provide education to parents and other members of your child’s team, assist with management of your child’s symptoms, and use evidence-based strategies to help your child thrive.

How do I get started?

1. Schedule a consultation

2. Receive an individualized plan

3. Watch your child thrive

Why Choose ETLC?

Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center provides an individualized program to target the skills that can help bridge the gap between frustration and success. We believe every child deserves to thrive with their communication and academic skills, and we know you want that too. Our specialists are trained in many research-based programs and strategies to create a plan specific to your child and their unique learning style. Together, we can help your child feel confident and successful!