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July 7, 2016

Working hard on every try can be tough! Try these tips to help your child work hard and stay motivated!

1. Hard Worker Chart

Try this tool to help keep hard-working percentages up! There are poms that represent a try. If the child tries hard have them put the pom in the smiling face container. If the child doesn’t try the pom goes in the sad face container. Document the results on the Hard Worker Chart to show off how hard they are working!

2. Excellent Worker Card

The Excellent Worker Card rewards kids for trying hard! Using the numbers on the outside of the card as points, once all the points have been met the child gets a reward!

3. Withholding

Try withholding to help motivate kids! Hold the toys or games that the child wants to play with. Explain that once the task has been met they will get their toy!

4. Penny Boards

Penny boards are a great way to help keep kids motivated and on task. In this penny board, the child has ten pennies to place onto the rainbow and each penny represents a correct speech sound, answer, or whatever you’re working on. Once all ten pennies are on the rainbow the child will be rewarded!

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