Super BOWL Language Learning Fun!

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January 25, 2017

Is your child, husband, or whole family excited about the Super Bowl? Are you worried about Super Bowl Sunday and the days surrounding it might be filled with too much TV and not enough learning?

I will provide you with a few football-themed language-building activities that the whole family can enjoy before, during, and after the big game. Regardless of who you and your family are rooting for, these games are sure to be a WIN in your household.

Make a football. Using construction paper, create a sight word football that you can hang up near the TV.  First, cut out a football shape using brown construction paper, next cut out white stripes and write the sight words on the stripes. Finally, glue the white stripes across the football. Practice the sight words during commercials. Get the whole family involved by having each member make their own football, they could use the same words your child is using OR they could put their favorite players’ names in the white strips! Here at ETLC, I know I will be making these footballs with my students.

Get outside! Before the game starts head outside and practice tossing the football back and forth. This game incorporates movement with retention of vowel sounds, sight words, and spelling words. Check out the “Ball Toss” game here.

Name the players. Between 3 and 4 years of age, children start to recognize letters and start to make some letter-sound associations. Check out Tessa’s blog for more information about the power of names. During the game, talk about the names of the teams and specific players. For younger children, practice saying each letter and saying the sound it makes- use the team name such as CHEIFS or use specific players’ names. For older children, have them visualize and spell out these names!

Recreate the game. After the game is over, how about playing another football game. I have attached the instructions for this game here. This time, YOU are the players! Using a printable football field, and paper football practice a variety of items such as vowel sounds, sight words, or spelling words. 

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