It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

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February 3, 2013

Are you looking for a way to integrate the big game with some educational activities for your child? Change up your child’s homework routine by completing some of the football-themed activities below. Follow us on Pinterest by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page for more Superbowl-related activity ideas! Spelling Football Toss:  Review your spelling sight words by playing the Spell Ball Toss game! With a partner, toss a football back and forth.  Each time a person catches it, they have to add the next letter in one of your spelling words.  For example, for the word ‘stop,’ person 1 starts by saying ‘s’ and tosses the football to person 2.  Then, person 2 catches the ball and says ‘t,’ and throws the football back to person 1, etc.  Keep tossing back and forth until an entire word is spelled, then move on to another!  For an extra challenge, one of the players could purposely make a mistake and give the wrong letter to see if the student catches it! Super Bowl Trivia: This requires a little preparation before playing, but kids will have a blast and learn a lot while they play. Write down football-related facts and information on notecards (a few examples are written below). Next, divide the players into two teams. There also needs to be a person who will pose the questions to each team. When the game begins, teams will take turns answering the trivia questions. The team with the most points wins!

  • What does NFL stand for? {Answer: National Football League}
  • What do you call the poles that are located in each end zone that teams score field goals through? {Answer: Goalpost}
  • Who was the first team to win the Super Bowl? {Answer: Green Bay Packers}

Football Reading Game: Use this game to practice vowel combinations or reading sight words. Create a game board like the one we made in the picture below. Write a vowel combo or word on each side of the yard line with a dry erase marker. Start at the other team’s 10-yard line and work your way up saying each vowel combo sound or word that is on the line. If you make a mistake, you must punt the football from that yard line. See if you can get your punt to go through the goalposts! To punt the football you hold it up by the index finger of one hand and then flick it into the goal like in the picture below.

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