“Enrichment Therapy has a unique therapy approach that works well with our child.”“This year for Mother’s day I received the greatest gift I could ask for. My daughter was able to say “I Love You, Mom,” all because of Enrichment Therapy’s dedication.”

“We’ve tried various other programs with our daughter and Enrichment Therapies, by far, has helped her the most! We are very grateful for that.”

“Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center looks outside the box and goes above and beyond to keep up with the latest research.”

“As parents we prayed for the day that our daughter would just start talking but it didn’t happen until we went to Enrichment Therapy.”

“We were at a point of frustration because we did not see the results from other sources in which we sought help. Because of the  Reading program, our son has mastered the reading skills he was missing.”

“It is truly amazing to see our therapist customize her approach to empower our son, who has Down Syndrome, to try, learn and succeed.”

“We have seen a big improvement in our son’s math skills and confidence level in a short period of time.”

“I love that my son sees the bigger picture now with concepts such as time and money.”

“Our therapist has clearly maintained her research and we are benefiting from her continued education on Apraxia of Speech strategies.”

“My daughter placed second in her class for an essay contest. Your program has improved her grades and confidence.”

“Our reading specialist has made the learning process fun instead of a chore.”

“My daughter now completes her homework assignments without frustration and looks forward to going to her sessions at the Learning Center.”

“My son’s speech improved more in the first few sessions with Enrichment Therapy than we had seen in many months.”

“Because of the Enrichment Learning Center, my daughter’s Iowa Basic Test Scores went from an average of 30th-40th percentile in past years to the 90th percentile this year.”

“This program has made math facts stick for my son and he now understands the bigger picture of math related concepts and word problems. We are quickly checking off skills he needs to master.”

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