Tips for Helping a Struggling Reader

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February 4, 2015

Mother and child reading a book

Does your child struggle with reading? We’ve compiled 7 tips for parents wanting to help their child with reading.

R  Reading is based on several factors, including fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics. Our evaluations pinpoint exactly where your child’s reading is breaking down. E  Encourage your child to read whatever they want. Many students who dislike storybooks enjoy reading comics or books on the computer. A  Ask your child’s teacher for more manageable work if homework is a battle every night. D  Don’t tell an early reader no. If your child is excited to read about a given topic don’t push them to read something else.  Increase your child’s motivation to read by making connections to the real world, like reading a newspaper article or a handwritten letter. N  Never concentrate only on what your child is doing wrong. Building up your child’s confidence is key to improving their reading skills. When your child sounds through a word on their own or finishes a chapter book, congratulate them and celebrate! G  Generate a positive learning environment and focus on teaching your child to enjoy reading. Keep the mood light and show them how much fun reading can be!

If your child is struggling with reading, give us a call. We can answer any of your questions! Our programs can help teach your child to love reading.


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