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Welcome to Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center, inspiring students to love learning in North Liberty, Iowa City, and the surrounding areas through tutoring, speech pathology, and other learning strategies! If your child is not performing at the level of his/her peers, our team is here for you. We’ve helped hundreds of children in Iowa enrich and expand the way they learn, so they can have a brighter future.

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Our Iowa City Speech and Tutoring Programs 

We offer private tutoring, academic programs, small-group sessions, online tutoring and speech therapy to students of all ages.  Our speech-language pathologists and certified teachers also have considerable experience working with children with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, autism, or other learning delays.

speech and tutoring programs

At ETLC, we understand and embrace the fact that every child has his/her own learning style. Our team gets to know each student, identifies how he/she learns best, and then crafts an individualized learning strategy for him/her. The Learning Specialist and Speech-Language Pathologists work as a team with the parents to develop goals and expectations for each child. On average, students will achieve noticeable academic milestones in just weeks, and test scores show great improvements after a few months!

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– Iowa City Tutoring Program Options – 

Reading and Dyslexia Tutoring

Did you know that 1 in 5 children have a reading delay? For these students, it might be difficult to catch up to their peers in large classroom settings such as public school. Our Learning Specialists make it their goal to foster a true love for reading. Your child can become a successful reader- choosing to read for fun, volunteering in class to read aloud, and taking tests more easily. Your child’s confidence will soar in all areas.


Math Tutoring

Many children struggle with math, and without a great foundation of basic math facts, students can quickly fall behind in traditional school settings. Our Learning Specialists map out a clear path to achieve success. Imagine high fives during homework time, smiles while working on word problems, and improved test scores… this can be your reality! We even had an ETLC graduate recently pursue courses in engineering – talk about a math transformation! So what are you waiting for?  Let’s build upon that foundation that will set your child up for academic success.


Speech Therapy

Do you have difficulty understanding your child’s speech? At ETLC, we utilize research-proven strategies that provide faster gains.  We are one of few facilities in the midwest that is trained in the PROMPT method, a multi-sensory approach to help kids gain speech skills more quickly. Our speech pathologists are experienced in working with children diagnosed with apraxia of speech, ADHD, ADD, autism, Down Syndrome and more.


Language Comprehension / Therapy

Does your child have difficulty following direction or understanding what he/she is reading or what is being read to him/her?  We don’t just use a cookie-cutter approach to helping your child improve these skills that are foundational for all academic subjects.  Our strategies helps students to improve their ability to understand passages, retain information, answer Higher Order Thinking questions, improve their memory for following multi-step directions, and problem solve, thereby increasing their attention to tasks.  Our program is designed for children who have ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, or learning disabilities.


Feeding / Swallowing Therapy

Our certified speech pathologists specialize in helping infants and children who have difficulty eating and drinking. These skills are crucial, so children can meet their nutritional requirements. Our team has worked with premature infants and children with autism, down syndrome, apraxia, dysarthria, oral motor disorders, sensory-based feeding disorders, and more. This program will: improve the student’s oral motor strength and coordination; reduce gagging; increase the acceptance of foods, textures, and liquids; improve sucking and drinking ability; associate positivity with mealtime; and so much more. Parents are even invited to participate, so they can easily implement the techniques at home.

– Small Group Programs in the Iowa City area – 


Language Enrichment Academic Programs (LEAP) – alternative to traditional school or homeschooling

Our programs are ideal for students who thrive in a small classroom setting. They are designed for students who are behind in certain subjects and need more one-on-one attention from their teacher, and children with diagnoses like ADHD, ADD or dyslexia, who are easily distracted in traditional school settings or need a more tailored approach.  Because we limit the class size, we are able to teach students to learn in new ways while giving them support with strategies that are in line with their natural learning styles.

Homeschoolers who prefer the personal involvement in their child’s education but need to work part/full-time or are seeking support in specific subjects find our program ideal. We offer both half-day and full-day programs.  Those students that choose to attend half-day are considered dual enrolled.

Our goal is for families to use our program as a bridge to help their children go from academic frustration to complete readiness for whichever type of school they prefer (public school, private school or homeschool).  We want them to be able to transition into their regular schools as quickly as possible once they have met their learning goals.

early-Language Enrichment Academic Programs (e-LEAP) – alternative to traditional preschool

This program is ideal for children who are not yet ready for Kindergarten, because they lack basic skills needed, like following directions, understanding pre-literacy and early math concepts, and completing school-like routines.  We strive to help children acquire foundational skills needed academically and socially so they can be ready for their important first year.

Enrichment Therapy vs. other learning/tutoring centers: What’s the difference?

Each of our Learning Specialists have a degree in education or speech-language disorders. In other centers, the tutor may not have a background or degree in education at all. We believe this background is imperative to identifying missing links in your child’s academic skills.

Other centers stick to a one-size-fits-all program. We use a variety of research-based programs and strategies based on your child’s needs and learning style.

We offer a relaxed and welcoming environment for the child and their parents. When you walk into our office, we want you to feel comfortable. The child is welcome to play or relax until the therapist or learning specialist comes to get them. Parents enjoy being welcomed by our team and relaxing with a cup of coffee during their child’s session.

For our individual sessions, we provide private rooms. In many other learning facilities, children are placed in an open room where there are many distractions and other students or staff nearby. We believe that children learn best in an environment free of distractions.

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Parent Testimonials:

“We were at a point of frustration because we did not see the results from other sources in which we sought help. Because of the Reading program, our son has mastered the reading skills he was missing.”

“We have seen a big improvement in our son’s math skills and confidence level in a short period of time.”

“This year for Mother’s day I received the greatest gift I could ask for. My daughter was able to say “I Love You, Mom,” all because of Enrichment Therapy’s dedication.” – Shelley, mom 

“Because of the Enrichment Learning Center, my daughter’s Iowa Basic Test Scores went from an average of 30th-40th percentile in past years to the 90th percentile this year.” – Mellisa, mom 


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