What Are Adapted Books?

Enrichment Therapies

April 3, 2017

By Tessa Lancaster, M.A., CCC-SLP

Do you want to engage your young one in book-reading, but struggle to keep him motivated? Or perhaps you have a child who could better access a book with some adjustments made to it. If this is the case, you might consider using adapted books. Wondering what this means? An adapted book is a book that has been modified (or adapted!) in some way. This might mean that the book includes simpler text, additional picture symbols, braille, or some tactile elements. In most cases, these additions are meant to make a book easier for a child to access and use. Here at ETLC, we have put together several adapted books. Most of our adapted books include tactile additions. These additions are meant to help children better understand certain vocabulary words. For example, we might talk about ‘tall grass’. The typical student may be able to visualize what ‘tall grass’ looks like, but some may not. By showing the student a physical example of ‘tall grass’, he/she can see the different elements of this object (tall, thin, and pointy in size/shape, green in color). Below is an example of one of our adapted books. In this case, we added several tactile elements to the book Going on a Bear Hunt. Not only do tactile elements help teach children the meaning of certain vocabulary words, but these pieces may also greatly increase your child’s motivation to remain engaged with a book! Try to adapt one of your own books. You might find yourself amazed by how exciting these small additions are for your little one!

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