What Causes Speech and Language Disorders?

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June 27, 2023

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If you have concerns about your child’s speech and/or language development or they have recently been diagnosed with a speech or language disorder, you may have questions about how this happened or how concerned you should be. In many instances, the cause of speech and language disorders is unknown. The most important thing to know is that help is available! 

Ensuring your child receives an evaluation and recommended therapy as early as possible is key to improving your child’s communication skills. Early intervention not only promotes an improvement in speech and language skills, but it can improve your child’s confidence, social skills, and academic skills as well.

That being said, the following list highlights some risk factors that can contribute to the presence of speech and language disorders:

Family History of Communication Difficulties or Disorders 

Suppose a family member or relative has a history of a speech/language impairment such as late development of speech sounds, stuttering, or being a late talker. In that case, there may be a higher likelihood that a delay noticed in your child will require intervention/therapy to support them in developing age-appropriate skills.

History of Ear Infections and/or Ear Tubes

Incidents of multiple ear infections in infancy and early childhood affect how well speech sounds are heard and, therefore, learned, which can impact their development of age-appropriate speech sounds.

Diagnosis of a Condition, Syndrome, or Disorder 

Consider if your child has received a diagnosis of a condition, syndrome, or disorder that has a link to deficits in the area of speech and language such as cleft lip/palate, failure to thrive, autism, premature birth, or Down syndrome. These conditions can result in a variety of areas that would benefit from therapeutic support and often start at a young age.

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