What is a Social Story?

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January 19, 2017

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Does your child become anxious or scared going to a new place? Can simple errands such as running to the grocery store turn into a time-consuming event? 

A social story is a great way to alleviate the anxiety a child experiences about going to a new place. Social stories can also help a child learn the expected way to behave in many situations. Social stories can be narratives, videos, or pictures that detail a certain experience/place or activity. They can be whatever you make it and are often specific to each child’s needs. For more information about the background of social stories check out this website.

Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center (ETLC) uses Social Stories in a variety of different ways.

At ETLC we utilize social stories to assist a child struggling with a certain concept. For example, if a child has difficulty playing games with others because he always wants to win, the speech-language pathologist may write a social story pertaining to “being a good sport.” This social story will often highlight how the child’s actions will impact others. Another instance a social story might be utilized would be for a child who is learning to take turns. A social story detailing what it looks like to take turns would be created for that child.

Here are some examples of social stories utilized at ETLC: Social Story- Change is Ok

Social Story- Wait, Think, Answer

We also utilize social stories for children coming to our center for the first time. If a child has anxiety about coming for an evaluation or has difficulty leaving their parents, the parents can print out the social story (housed on our website). The social story is individualized to the speech-language pathologist or learning specialist they will be working with. Parents can show this to their child before the appointment. This social story will prepare the child for what to expect and introduce them to the person they will be working with. Here is an example of a social story I wrote about myself- Miss Sarah- Social Story. The rest of the ETLC team’s social story’s can be found on our website https://enrichmenttherapies.com/.

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