What is Visualizing and Verbalizing?


January 8, 2020

By Jaimi Bird, M.A., CCC-SLP

Does your child have difficulty answering questions or remember what he has read?  Is it hard for him to problem-solve or inference?  

At Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center we can help.  We work with kids who struggle with comprehension and expression.  

One of the evidence-based strategies we use is the Visualizing and Verbalizing program created by Nanci Bell.  In order to retain information we must be able to make a visual representation in our head of what is being said to us and what we are reading.  This is called visualizing.  Being able to imagine a concept or a picture of a concept in your mind is a crucial foundational skill for compression and higher-order thinkings.  

 Our program is designed to help children learn how to visualize information to improve their overall understanding. If a child is able to visualize while reading and listening they can improve their skills in:

  • Reading and listening comprehension 
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Memory and following directions 
  • Oral and written language expression
  • Understanding humor and social situations
  • Understanding cause and effect 

Once a child learns to visualize it can be a helpful tool across all areas of learning.  Visualization can be used to increase comprehension and recall with reading, directions, vocabulary words, spelling words, and math facts. Read this blog to see how visualizing can be used throughout the day while learning. 

Contact Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center for more information!

Jaimi Bird is a speech-language pathologist at Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center.  ETLC has locations in the Iowa City, IA area and Des Moines, IA area.  We provide individual speech-language therapy and tutoring as well as offering a unique group Language Enrichment Academic Program (LEAP).  At Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center our passion is to help kids achieve effective communication skills and gain academic success.  Contact us for more information on how we can help your child succeed. 

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