What’s wrong with “W Sitting?”

Enrichment Therapies

March 25, 2015

Have you noticed your child “W sitting?” “W” sitting is when a child is sitting on their bottom with both knees bent and their legs turned out away from their body. If you looked at the child’s legs from above they would form a “W” shape (as is shown in the image above). “W” sitting puts a child’s hips into extreme internal rotation, which tightens the inner muscles and stretches the outer muscles of their hips. This rotation also causes stress on their knees and ankles, and can create long-term damage to the position and quality of the child’s joints. Children who “W” sit may also have weak core muscles as the sitting position causes them to use their hip ligaments to stabilize themselves instead. So, how does a child break the habit of “W” sitting? Anytime you see a child in a “W” sitting position give them verbal and physical cues to show them how to properly sit. Some better leg positions are cross sitting (“criss-cross apple sauce”), side sitting, and long sitting. The process of breaking the habit will likely take a while and will require a lot of patience. Always remember to praise the child for a correct sitting position! Resources: http://www.earlyinterventionsupport.com/w-sitting-in-children/

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