Work Time and Play Time Using a Visual Timer

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February 6, 2017

Do you find that your student struggles to remain focused while working? Is it difficult to motivate your child to stay on-task for a certain amount of time? Or is it difficult to move away from ‘break time’?

One great tool that often helps students (young and old) to stay on-task, or understands that a break is over is the visual timer!

What Does a Visual Timer Do?

  • A visual timer provides a visual representation of time as it passes
  • A colored circle, which can be set to the amount of time you choose, moves closer and closer to the ‘0’ overtime
  • Once the set amount of time runs out, a beeping sound is heard

What Can a Visual Timer be Used For?

  • To show an amount of time left within a difficult/non-preferred activity
    • For example: First practice handwriting for five minutes. Then, when the timer beeps, you can play one iPad racing game.
  • To show an amount of time left within a ‘break’, particularly when that activity has no natural, clear ending
    • For example: You may take a two-minute break to play on the iPad. When the timer beeps, we will turn the iPad off.
  • To allow a student time to mentally prepare for a challenging task
    • For example: We are going to brush our teeth. You can spend five more minutes in your room. Then, when the timer beeps, we will brush teeth.

How Can I Use a Visual Timer with My Student? 

  • Introduce the visual timer, using First/Then language
    • For example: “First we will work until the timer beeps, and then you can have a short break”
  • While using the timer, provide a couple of verbal reminders that the time is decreasing, particularly within the minute or two before the timer beeps
  • For younger students, you might use language like, “The red is getting smaller” as a reminder that the time is decreasing
  • Use only a small amount of time at first
  • As your student becomes more familiar with the timer and understands how it is used, you might lengthen task time as the student is able

Who May Benefit from Using a Visual Timer?

  • Children who struggle to understand the abstract concept of time
    • For example, a young child may not realize that “five minutes” is not a very long time
  • Children who are motivated to complete work when given concrete rewards
  • Children who do best when provided with a concrete plan
  • Children who benefit from ‘warnings’ prior to a change in routine or non-preferred event (most children do!)

If you are interested in purchasing a visual timer for your home, there are many different options available on Amazon. Also, check out some additional strategies for helping your child stay motivated here and here.

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