Reading Tutoring

The Reading Enrichment Program fosters a love for reading and includes the following:

  • Increased reading accuracy, rate and fluency
  • Rapid sight-word recognition
  • Intense focus on vowel and vowel combination identification (an area that most kids with reading difficulties struggle)
  • Maximized understanding of phonetic rules
  • Expanded mental visual imagery skills to improve ability to memorize words (especially words that do not follow a phonetic rule)
  • Improved spelling accuracy
  • Visual tracking exercises are implemented to increase eye mobility
  • Extensive focus on reducing letter reversal and confusion (e.g. confusing b/d)
  • Increased confidence in reading aloud
  • Positive environment that focuses on improving a child’s self-confidence
  • Sessions held in private rooms to eliminate distractions (especially vital for children with attention difficulties)
  • Successful for a variety of reading levels, from minor to severe delays
  • Proven program for children with ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia

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